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A Quick Retrospective…

So recently (much to my boyfriend, family, friends and colleagues’ delight) I’ve taken to baking all the damn time. So I thought I’d start to document my baking escapades. I’m learning every time I make something and I love every second of it… I also love making people happy with the nice things I give them. Yup, one of the reasons I bake is so people will tell me how ace I am 😉

One day I hope to open my own little bakery somewhere, I even have a name… but I’m not telling you that ‘cos I don’t know you people… you might nick it! 🙂

My future posts will document in a bit of detail each thing I attempt to make as well as some recipes,  but this post will just be a retrospective in pictures of what I’ve made recently.

4th July Goodies.

So I got a little carried away with baking for the small BBQ we had for 4th July. I went and made all this stuff for about 6 people! (I should probably say now that my boyfriend is American and in the Navy… these things will now make more sense)

Star Spangled Cupcakes:

Anchor Sugar Biscuits:

Iced Navy Ship Biscuits:

I’ve made these a few times now ‘cos they’re my guy’s favourite…Peanut Butter, Oatmeal & Choc Chip Cookies:

My Indoor birthday BBQ Picnic

So the rain scuppered my idea for a birthday picnic in the park but the rain can not stop me from baking! So we had the BBQ indoors! We squished about 20 people in my little flat and I baked these fine treats for everyone.

Now this really was as amazing as it sounds! (Even though it did look a bit wonky ‘cos my oven is stupid)…

Sailor Jerry’s Rum Soaked Sponge sandwiched with Lime Buttercream and Coca-Cola Icing:

This cake was made even more awesome by the fact it was made from this recipe:

I really wish I’d had one of those blow torch thingies to brown the tops of these… maybe that will be my next kitchen purchase!…

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes:

Austin’s (my guy) Great Gran has passed this recipe on through the family and now it’s made its way across the pond to me! And it’s traveled well as it’s bloody lovely!

Rhubarb & Custard Tart:

I also made this again but made them into little tarts… they were yummy:

Random baking lovely stuffs

Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Buttercream Icing

These were just experiments I did while round at my boyfriend’s house one day. Now, this boy has nothing to bake cakes with really… no electric mixer, not even a whisk (cos I broke it), no sieve… nothing! So I went primitive and made these with just a bowl, a fork and a wooden spoon… and an oven of course.. so not all that primitive really 😛 I have found mixing in jam with buttercream icing is pretty much fantastic. I did this on the cherry bakewell cupcakes and piped it on top of a VERY almondy cupcake… they rocked!

Cherry Bakewell Themed Cupcakes & Jammy Butterfly Buns:

I’ve been commissioned by a friend to make some cupcakes for his Uncle’s Birthday. He wants carrott cupcakes which makes me happy cos I can make this.. (If I can find my recipe I can anyway!)

Passion Cake:

I decided I wanted to make some cookies that were mostly cookies but had the texture of cake in the middle. So I tried swapping half the plain flour in a simple choc chip cookie recipe for self-raising flour and by God you know, it worked! (ahem.. it worked the first batch second batch failed… I’ve yet to attempt a third)

Cakey Cookies:

Well that’s probably enough babbling on about cakes and stuff for now. Thanks for reading! 🙂


About cupcakerattleandroll

My friends think I'm trying to fatten them up 'cos I'm constantly making them eat all of the things I bake! CAKE IS LOVE PEOPLE!

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  1. Those star spangled cupcakes are amazing….why did I not receive one of these? x

  2. ‘Cos I made them in Harrogate and you were most likely working 🙂 x


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